High School Senior –  Family Wedding  –  Street Portraits

Pamela Heckel’s portrait sessions offer a unique blend of old and new technologies.

Choose from two unique portrait sessions.   The Custom Portrait Session offers  lots of images and lots of options that balance the spontaneity of digital photography with the handmade qualities of historic process prints.  And for the purely old school film photography lovers, the Slow Exposure session combines vintage film cameras with historic process prints into one sweet experience.

Custom Portrait Session (digital with lots of photos, lots of options)

Perfect session for those looking for lots of photographs and lots of options.  Includes up to 90 minutes of photography, 40 digital files on a thumb drive, a 5×5″ 40 image preview book, and one 4×5″ salted paper print matted to 6×7″


Slow Exposure (film portrait session)

Experience the slower pace of a large format view camera with this distinct film-based portrait session.  It includes 45 minutes of photography, six film   exposures, digital files of all six negatives, and three hand coated 4×5″ salted paper prints matted to 6×7″