Family Portrait Sessions with a Vintage Twist!

I just delivered a beautiful collection of family portraits that I am very excited about because it is a great example of what can be produced when old and new photographic technologies are used.

Typically, my sessions are photographed digitally.  I love images that can be sequenced to tell a story of the portrait experience and more importantly about the family as they are at that moment in time.  Recently, I have added black and white film photography to the mix that uses a vintage large format camera and the historic salted paper print process where the photographic paper is hand-coated and the final print is made by the sun in my yard!  It’s one of a kind, it’s handmade, and it is complemented by the convenient features of a digital portrait session (color photography, spontaneous moments, easy to share with family and friends).  More information about this session can be found here… Pamela Heckel Photography’s Custom Portrait Session.

And if you really like the salted paper prints, but do not need a fully portrait session a Slow Exposure Portrait Session.  This session focuses on the large format film photography only.  It includes three salted paper prints in mats and digital scans of the film shot. 

Of course, if you need help with framing we’ve got a wonderful solution for that too!  I make frames (well, my husband Christopher makes frames and  I help) using locally harvested rough cut lumber.  Their beauty lies in their simplicity… flat face with a natural oil and bees wax finish.  They are locally produced with local materials and complement the handmade qualities of the salted paper prints perfectly.